Industrial Property for Sale

One of the most clever ways commercial real estate investors are making investments is by buying industrial property for sale. While many of the towns in the High Country of North Carolina have suffered as industrial buildings and manufacturing shut down during the recession of the early 2000s, the buildings remain. Real estate investors are now turning these buildings into chic boutique shopping centers, hubs for local artists, leasing space to local businesses, and more. Industrial property, once thought of as unredeemable as it sat empty, is a hot commodity for the savvy commercial real estate investor in North Carolina.

Why Invest in Industrial Property in the NC Mountains

The North Carolina mountains are picturesque and attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. The High Country is home to the best skiing in North Carolina, Appalachian State University, and offers gorgeous views of the foliage in the fall months for “peepers.” For these reasons, business owners who are looking for a prime commercial space for their company, or commercial real estate investors looking for a commercial space to lease to tenants are starting to realize there is no better opportunity to buy industrial property in the NC Mountains than right now.

industrial property for sale

How to Buy Industrial Property

Buying industrial property can be tricky. As mentioned early, many of the industrial buildings in the mountains of North Carolina have set deserted for some time now. It takes an investor with deep pockets and the region’s most experienced and talented industrial real estate broker to bring to life these once-bustling buildings. Buying industrial property is different than buying a residential property as the lender typically requires more information and “proof” that there will be a good return on the investment (not just to pay back the loan, but that the property will be income-producing for years). That’s why it is vital to work with an experienced industrial real estate broker, like Wright Properties NC.

Wright Properties NC: Industrial Real Estate Broker

Those interested in browsing and investing in industrial property for sale in the NC mountains should partner with an experienced industrial real estate broker like Wright Properties. We have only 40 years of experience and expertise to help our clients find the right industrial property at the right price to secure the property for the future. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial real estate services.